1. You are the true Seeker. You have a great destiny ahead of you Richard Cypher. If you’re willing to accept it.

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  2. This one’s yours, love crumpet.

    Guys whoever has not watched this show must watch it NOW!

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  3. (x)

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    Legend of the Seeker + tumblr posts

  5. I’ve discovered Legend of the Seeker and now I’m obsessed

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    Sir Benedict  

    Oh shit, I’m not supposed to find that kind of Sherlock on ,my dash

  7. Merlin + 1x10 audio commentary

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    and martin is cracking up in the back ground

    i love how sherlock just takes the entire door off

    he khan’t help it.

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    (x) just in case you haven´t seen it 

    There’s way too much I don’t notice in this show…

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    ❤ Our Sherlock sceneframing photos in no particular order
    Original posts: 1 / 2 / 3

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    are these two even real?

    I’m just waiting to wake up from this dream

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    I’m sorry, but I do love me some whump and angst! I didn’t settle on a specific scenario for poor Merlin and Arthur to end up like this, so I’ll let your fanfic-fueled minds decide, eh? XD Experimenting with a new style, again, in Paint Tool SAI. (MY ART TAG)

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    I love how drawn and tired he looks in this scene… and that, as we find out later, he already knows he is bleeding internally and must be feeling dreadful but is gritting his teeth and holding it together by sheer force of will for the sake of resolving things for John and Mary…

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